About & Info

Rowen Oak's Plushies (ROP) was created in April of 2022 by Rowen Oaks. 


"I've always had a love for stuffed animals and a passion for arts and perusing things that bring happiness into my life and to share that with others. I also have CPSD and am a HSP and have great comfort in these handmade companions."


Rowen Oaks Plushies produces handmade plushies in small batches locally in Vancouver, WA. The studio is smoke free and pet friendly.

ROP is a LGBTQ+ and women owned business🏳️‍🌈. 

Handmade products may vary and are unique piece to piece. 


We love our earth 🌍 ! While all our high-quality materials to create are purchased new, we utilize the recycling program Ridwell to dispose of all unused scraps. We also periodically create scrap friends from larger pieces, that could potentially all end up in landfills. Not here at ROP! We have also been in transition to switching all our packing, shipping and marketing materials to eco-friendly, recycled or compostable options. This includes boxes, tape, product protection bags and wrapping, business cards, flyers, hang tags, care cards, stickers and more. By May 2024 we will be completely transitioned!


In May 2024 we are also expanding into some local revenue options that we are so excited about! Make sure to join us on Facebook or Instagram to learn more.


Products are weighted with therapy grade eco-friendly (hypoallergenic, bpa free, nontoxic) poly-pellets and are not meant to be left unsupervised for small children or persons who cannot easily lift and move them on their own.


We do not accept returns, however if you notice a seam flaw upon purchasing or receiving, please reach out and we will work with you on mending.